Moonshell: A Mermaid Game

Created by Unfiltered Games

🧜‍♀️🐚 A strategy puzzle game for 1-4 players. Play as a mermaid to collect seashells! 🐚🧜

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Moonshell is Shipped! 🧜‍♀️🎉
6 months ago – Sat, Jan 29, 2022 at 01:15:06 PM

Tons of updates for January!

Shipping Waves Complete

Thank you everyone for your patience, we have completed all three waves of shipping now!

We have learned a lot and are so thankful for everyone and their advice and feedback.

If you have NOT received your full pledge yet, please check the below:

  • If you are in Asia or New Zealand or Australia and are waiting on your deluxe wooden insert and/or pin add-ons, those were last to ship and are on their way. 
  • If your status in Kickstarter says "Delayed" it is likely that we were not able to collect shipping payment from you. Please message us and we will send you a code to pay for your shipping through our new webstore.
  • If neither of those apply, and you are still waiting, please let us know and we will investigate! A few orders are likely still in route.

How to Play Moonshell

Check out the recent livestream for a tutorial on how to play Moonshell multi-player and solo!

Moonshell in Action

It's so exciting to see Moonshell being played on tabletops across the world! Please keep posting in the Moonshell Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, and other Facebook groups. Tag @moonshellgame, @calliwrights and/or @unfilteredgamer! Ratings

Finally, if you've gotten a few plays under your belt and have a account, we'd greatly appreciate if you leave a review and/or rating. We are getting close to the 30 ratings required for ranking!

Bonus: Printable Moonshell Score Card

If you like to track your score and wins across games, and post your score on the fridge or to social media, the printable score card is for you! Available for free download on the Moonshell website and BGG.

Thank you from the Unfiltered Games Team!

-Calli and Michael Wright

Moonshell Starts Shipping + Merch
8 months ago – Mon, Dec 06, 2021 at 05:06:36 PM

Hello Mertribe!

It's happening! Moonshell is being shipped to backers! Thank you so much for your support through this process of bringing Moonshell to life. Calli, Michael, and the whole team thank you so much. An extra big thank you to everyone who pitched in a little extra for the additional costs in freight shipping. As you may have heard, there have been so many delays and higher costs this year and we are excited to be meeting our goal to get the game out by the end of the year. Whew, we did it!

So when can you expect your game? It will depend on a few factors. Here is the order that pledges are getting shipped out over the next few weeks:

  • Australia, New Zealand, and countries in Asia (games only, add-ons will ship separately)
  • USA and rest of world (orders with games and games + pins will ship first)
  • Orders that include the deluxe wooden insert will ship last

In celebration of Moonshell going out, we'd like to share the brand new Unfiltered Games website. In addition to Moonshell and future games, we'll be offering merch and other fun items. Check out the Moonshell: A Mermaid Game page to see your name as backer (if you opted in to share). And yes, there are now t-shirts available! Got a fun merch idea? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you!

The Unfiltered Games Team

Moonshell Sets Sail!
10 months ago – Sun, Oct 17, 2021 at 05:22:10 AM

Just a quick update in relation to where we are at currently. As many of you may know, shipping charges are fairly insane right now and they don't appear to be getting any better. The freight quote turned out to be 3x our original quote when pricing out the cost of the campaign. We were given a choice to wait and see if it resolves or ship the games out and make our personal goal of getting the games to you by the end of the year. Calli and I decided we would eat the increased costs to ship now. The games are currently on the boat and are heading to the distribution hub (and to our home for any local pick-ups). 

Due to the increased cost of shipping we took a major hit. As far as we are concerned, this was a risk that we took when creating this campaign. However, if you are interested in contributing to help support our decision to get the game into your hands as quickly as possible any donations to support Moonshell are appreciated - but not required at all.

Regardless though, everything is on track, the games are on their way, the pins are being made and the deluxe inserts with the rotating board are in production as well. Everything is on track to get to you in the next few months and we will notify you of any delays. Most things are out of our hands now but we've done everything we could to make this go as smoothly as possible. 

I'm incredibly impressed with Calli's determination and hard work to make this game a reality and am really excited to finally see Moonshell hit all of your tables! Thank you so much for the support, it meant the world to her and in turn myself. Our next update will be images of all the final pieces and hopefully a link to a video of us playing the final version of the game!

Donations appreciated:

Much love from,

Michael & the Unfiltered Games Team

Production Final Steps! Putting the Game Pieces Together
11 months ago – Sat, Sep 25, 2021 at 12:21:30 AM

Production is finishing up and we have news to share!

Here is a video of all of the components coming together nicely in the box. With the plastic insert, each component has a dedicated space. I love the way the mermeeples look; so colorful and inviting! The cardboard tokens come in two sheets, and once punched, they all fit in the fabric bag.

And, add the rulebook and box cover, and the game is complete!

Cards Update! We were able to upgrade the card quality, which should be a nice surprise! Each of the six main types of cards feature one of the mermaids' silhouettes on the back and their color. The solo cards are a dark blue with the Koi mermaid, and the event cards have a unique lunar reef back that you see right when you unbox the game. 

As we finish up production, we are finalizing shipping. We will be locking addresses next week! Please ensure that your address is up-to-date in Backerkit. 

As you may have heard, shipping is very challenging for everyone importing right now. We are doing everything we can to get Moonshell into the hands of backers by the end of year within a reasonable budget. Based on current estimates, the game might be shipped during the holiday shipping rush, which can cause delay. We will keep you updated on shipping timelines as we get closer to fulfillment!

Production Update - Box Cover and Inserts!
12 months ago – Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 08:11:55 PM

Production has started and the box covers, backs, inserts and more are starting to hit the factory floors!

Here's an image of the cover (without the gloss) and a preview video of the insert (the one that comes with the game) from the factory! Everything is currently underway and our goal is to have this all done and out to you by the end of the year provided we don't hit any serious snags! The Deluxe insert is just awaiting some final measurements for for manufacturing to start on those (which won't be long) and then we'll have everything chugging along!

Here's an image of the cover of your game:

Boxes Underway!

Here's an image of the insert and how you'll be putting your pieces inside. Remember that some of this is still not completed so the cards are just a placeholder and the mermeeples will have different colors etc. We are so excited to see this thing come to life, please feel free to ask any questions here or if there's an issue with billing contact us via our email address!

Ever wanted to see the process of how they make covers and backs to games? 

Here's a sneak peek at our games back! (the machinery is loud so turn down your volume!)